Pastured Organic Free Range Whole Chickens

Cornish Game Hen... $15.50

Whole Chicken under 3 lb... $16.00

Whole Chicken 3.0 - 3.49 lb... $16.50

Whole Chicken 3.5 - 3.99 lb... $17.50

Whole Chicken over 4 lb... $18.50

Chicken Legs or Thighs... $8.50 lb.

Chicken Breasts... $12.50 lb. bone-in; $18.50 lb. boneless, skinless

Chicken Stock Pack (2#)... $2.50 lb.

Pastured Organic Chicken Liver (2#) $4.50 lb.
Pastured Organic Stewing Hens $15.00

Pastured Organic Free-Range Traditional and Heritage Whole Turkeys


Some food for thought . . .

Our whole chickens for eating are raised in a similar manner to our laying hens. Elmwood's certified organic free-range farm raised chicken is the result of a commitment to do things the right way. Not the fast way, nor the cheap way. Success is measured by the taste and nutritional benefits of the chicken, not the efficiency of the process. We think you'll agree when you experience the best tasting chicken you'll find anywhere.turkeys to move

There are two important attributes that distinguish Elmwood gourmet hens:

1. Elmwood chickens are raised outdoors in a pastured system that provides a diet enriched by grasses, fresh air, adequate exercise, and sunlight. “Pastured poultry” is raised the old-fashioned way, on fresh green grass or clover pastures with wholesome grains. Elmwood Stock Farm is an active member of the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association.

2. It's true. You are what you eat. Don' t confuse “natural” and “ash-free” with USDA Organic. What's the difference? Ours are all that and more. Not only is Elmwood chicken raised “naturally”, free from any synthetic inputs, additives or stimulants, but everything that every chicken eats is natural, free from synthetic inputs, additives, stimulants and/or manipulations. That is the way we do it on Elmwood, and our organic certification means a “third party” has verified it. You don't have to guess what the terms mean. We provide food that is safe and wholesome, processed under federal inspection, with 3rd party verification for our USDA organic certification No artificial chemical fertilizers or pesticides, no antibiotics are given, no added hormones, no steroids, no genetically modified feed, no meat by-products, no growth enhancers, no preservatives, no flavor enhancing additives – just clean chicken.

Quality, taste, there's more? Pasture-based grass farming has recognizable health benefits resulting in a chicken with low saturated fat and high omega-3 fatty acids. In addition whole pastured chickens have significantly higher levels of vitamin A than the standard. More information on health benefits and the science behind it is available at